Stand Strong is the originator and developer of Stand Up Paddleboard Golfing, also to be known as Water Golf. On July 26th, 2012, Brandon Maxwell began hitting various balls off of his Stand Up Paddleboard with a golf club. This event has led him down a path he never could have imagined. After several months of research and development, in utter secrecy, he has perfected the concept and given birth to a new hybrid sport which the world has never known.

With the discovery and assistance of the Denver, CO based company Birdieball, and creative genius John Breaker, inventor and founder of the company, we have developed a system of floating targets to be played through as a Water Golf course on Stand Up Paddleboards. The targets consist of existing Birdieball technology and an anchoring system developed by Stand Strong. The new game was originally conceived by Maxwell, utilizing real floating golf balls and a land based target system played from the Stand Up Paddleboard, across the water and back to the land. With the posed challenges of safety and the amount of actual water space needed to use real floating golf balls, they only fly 20% less distance than a real golf ball, it made perfect sense to partner with Birdieball, and their existing products, to pursue this new sport. Birdieballs are considered the premier limited flight golf ball in the industry, with actual feel and spin that is virtually identical to a real golf ball, yet they only fly about 40 yards, are much safer than a real golf ball, and they float!

Throughout our further research and development at recent Stand Up Paddleboarding events, we have discovered that the two sports have a very symbiotic relationship with each other and complement the balance skills required for both. We are creating land based Birdieball driving ranges on the beaches, or shoreline, of whatever body of water we are on, and hitting the birdieballs into the water at the floating targets. We then have people retrieve the birdieballs on Stand Up Paddleboards using a system developed by Stand Strong. This method of gathering the birdieballs has proven to be a challenge in and of itself, this task develops great paddling skills and balance training by focusing on a central point in the water. When, and if, people are ready to proceed to the next level, we have them start hitting birdieballs off of the paddleboard at the floating targets, with instruction. The ultimate goal is to get them playing through the established Water Golf course.

Both activities stand alone as recreational entertainment and physical challenges, when combined, they create an entirely new set of skills to be honed. The bottom line is that they are both incredibly fun and rewarding activities for the land and water based outdoor enthusiast. Our goal is to promote physical activity in a fun and safe manner that helps bring more people to both the great sports of Stand Up Paddleboarding and Golf.

The focus of Stand Strong is to build a core resource for affiliated products that will meet the demands of anyone interested in Stand Up Paddleboarding, playing and practicing Golf, virtually anywhere and anytime that you have 50 Yards, and the development and marketing of new products related to the sports of Stand Up Paddleboarding, Golf and Water Golf.